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?? ??Beijing?HANKEN?Founded in 2005, is a professional production and processing company in Beijing, specializing in the production of circuit boards, SMT welding and components procurement, assembly and testing of packaging logistics services.
??? ? The factory is located in Beijing city Changping District caiyida Technology Park No. 9, covers an area of more than 3 thousand and 600 square meters, with supporting materials warehouse standard workshop of more than 3 thousand square meters and more than and 400 square meters, testing equipment and testing of electronic products workshop has advanced production equipment and professional aging equipment. SMT SMT production line 3, DIP welding production line 2, line 3, repair assembly debugging line 7, special BGA welding Taiwan, AOI optical detection, ICT test, X-RAY (X-ray) detection equipment etc.. In order to meet the needs of foreign orders, the factory is equipped with a lead-free production line, lead-free welding. The company produces PCB products and welding products are in line with ROHS standards.
????? The factory has a group of professional technology, management, development personnel and a well-trained welding assembly team, a total of 200 people. Strong product design and development capability and quality assurance capabilities. The existing electrical automation control circuit design professional senior engineer 4 people, 8 people, 50 senior technicians, welding circuit DIP plug welding assembly debugging of 48 people, 40 workers, warehouse and materials procurement and management staff of 15 people. From the PCB to the board design and production, components procurement warehousing, welding and testing and final assembly from the aging workshop, companies have strict management, from incoming storage to product testing library are tracking the implementation of quality management, the quality control of real implementation of every process, every detail, every employee. The quality of the concept of scientific management and perfect service, the company has a new offer from the PCB board design, manufacture, patch, plug-in, welding, assembly, testing, maintenance, inspection, packing to service the whole process of shipment for the user.
????? "To become a boutique enterprise in the industry" is our company's goal, "unity strives for innovation, innovation, dedication and service sharing" is our enterprise spirit. The spirit of "to win the value of our customers is our value," the concept of value, we look forward to working with the vast number of electronic products manufacturers sincere cooperation. Quality is our commitment, credibility is our guarantee, customer satisfaction is our pursuit of the goal. We look forward to working with you hand in hand to create a better future!
???? ?Beijing Hanken :? EMS?All-in-one?service。